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Warren Fahey and Luke Webb:


Rouseabout Records RRR63

reviewed by Jim Low


The discovery of gold in Australia made a significant impact on our history. It also generated a strong musical response. And it's from this creative lucky-dip of songs and poems that Warren Fahey has enthusiastically prized out a truly entertaining and informative representation for his latest CD release.

Included are some fine re-wordings of favourites like The Maryborough Miner, Jolly Puddlers and A Thousand Miles Away. Also highlighted are some gold songs relating to New South Wales (Off To The Diggings, The Rush To Glanmire, Going To The Diggings) and those songs very much influenced by American musical traditions (The World Is Now Turned Upside-Down, Shipping Agents).

To handle especially some of the latter, Warren has called on the very capable talents of Luke Webb who, along with his fine instrumental contributions, shares the vocals with Warren and Marcus Holden. Luke's voice works really well with Warren's comfortable, easy-going vocal style. The top quality, musical talents of Marcus Holden and Garry Steel again make valuable contributions to the very appropriate and appealing musical arrangements and overall sound.

Any educational institution worth its salt should not overlook the value of this CD as a great teaching resource. This attractively presented CD also comes with an informative set of notes about each song.

A fine, entertaining collection of Australian gold rush songs, The World Turned Upside-Down is well worth a listen and more.
Jim Low
August 2014