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Yvonne is a wife and mother, and belongs to the Gallery 119 Writers' Group at Norman Park in Brisbane. She works as a part-time Library Assistant and loved the book by John Elliott, 'On the Road with Slim'.

"I sent a poem, Slim Dusty Born to be . . . , into Helen's Rage Page, Tamworth which Helen kindly included in the Tributes to Slim Dusty," Yvonne said.

"A video I have watched three times is '91 over 50' and refers to Slim's 91 albums over 50 years. Slim talks before each song on why a favourite poem/person/song was recorded."

Yvonne also wrote a poem on the Macleay River NSW as Helen had put a photo up of the Macleay River on her site to inspire poets to send in a poem. Her contribution is in the 'Poetry' section of Helen's Rage Page


Those Days are Gone

©Yvonne Pick

ĺ─˙Those days are goneĺ─¨
Are the words from a sad, sad song.

The loss of youth and feeling left on the shelf,
ĺ─˙All by myselfĺ─¨.

ĺ─˙To everything there is a seasonĺ─¨
The biblical Ecclesiastes 3 does reason.

ĺ─˙Nothing gold can stayĺ─¨
American poet, Robert Frost did say.

Lifeĺ─˘s golden moments are fleeting,
Tragedy and ill health, cause for weeping.

ĺ─˙Two roads diverged in a woodĺ─¨
As Robert Frost long pondered and quietly stood.

ĺ─˙The road less travelledĺ─¨, the aim.
Optimism and wisdom to gain.

ĺ─˙Those days are goneĺ─¨
The words softly echo from a sad, sad song.