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Thanks to Janet Courtney who submitted this interesting poem by her late uncle, Wilfred Blake. He wrote it in 1934, and it was recited at a session of community singing in Kangaroo Flat, Vic.

He said that it was the talk of the "Flat" for quite some time and the characters mentioned were all residents there.


The Break O'Day Lion

©Wilfred Blake (1934)

There's a rumour going round the town
As I've heard people say -
That a wild animal is at large
Out there at Break 0'day.

The woodcutters saw this tawny shape
Slinking 'thru the scrub
Up there on the hillside
Near the derelict old pub.

Peter Jackson's gang, who saw this beast
Declare it was a lion -
And that they are men of integrity
There's certainly no denyin'.

They say that it's a man-eater -
And women too, presuming:
That's why some blokes took their wives
To Break O' Day mushrooming.

The farmers of the district
Were suddenly in shock;
If this creature isn't soon destroyed
It will decimate our stock.

Bill Fry's party then went out
On Big Game Hunting bent.
The tracked it 'round the water race
Past Charlie Walsh's tent.

They followed it across the bridge
That spans the water race.
And of paw marks on the other side
There was not a trace.

Then someone spotted further on
A patch of muddy bog
But the critics say those tracks were made
By Tommy Marshall's dog.

Now Tommy's dog is very large
And he is tawny grey
And was known to wander far and wide
Even out to Break O' Day.

It has never been seen again
'Cept by a bloke who was on the grog
And it's thought that what the woodmen saw
WAS Tommy Marshall's dog.