Lookin’ Down the Rusty Wire

Simply Australia is pleased to present the audio presentation of Peter Healy’s original poetry from his CD, Spoken. It richly captures Peter Healy’s fine sense of drama, both orally and in the written word.

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Award winning songwriter, poet and actor, Peter Healy, has shared the stage with some of Australia’s finest blues and roots musicians, including Phil Emmanuel, Matt Corcoran, Kirk Lorange and Phil Manning.

He has worked in film alongside major stars Sam Neil, John Waters, Tom Burlinson, Craig McLachlan and even Carrie Fischer.Television credits include All Saints, Water Rats, Heroes 2, Breakers, Police Rescue and more.

Pete has also enjoyed success in commercial radio and theatre.


reader response

How I have enjoyed your poetry audios. A very strong hint of the bush Bards, Lawson and Barcroft Boake, the sound effects enhance your words and make the whole experience very enjoyable.
Thank You

Lookin’ Down the Rusty Wire

© Peter Healy

The creek’s just dusty, cracked, old clay.
Hard baked. Dry.
Scorched day on day.
It’s been too long, be longer yet.

Lookin’ down the rusty wire.

Cattle call. Burning sun.
Creaking windmill brings up some
brackish water, slightly salty.
It doesn’t hit the spot

You sow the seed. Tend it well.
Give it time and hope like hell
you can count on mother nature,
‘coz you sure can’t bank on luck…

Lookin’ down the rusty wire.

In time, the rains’ do come and growing
shoots of green appear through, showing
life beneath the surface waited for it’s chance…
You hope there’s not a flood.

Look across the morning dew,
sunshine smiling back at you,
an’ you wonder where it went…
Time flies

All these years of sweat and pain,
laughter, tears and back again.
Hope, like love, sometimes in vain
and yet,… you wouldn’t trade…

You wouldn’t swap for quids