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© Hod Cay



Binnaway Sale Day

© Hod Cay

The yards were full of cattle, a thousand head for sure
And through the night the lights were bright as the big trucks brought in more.
There were Herefords and Shorthorns all fattened on good feed
There marking showed on coats that glowed – good examples of their breed.

Big black pole steers and vealers, were there for all to see
Buyers could tell how well they'd sell and just what the price would be.
Some brindles from the scrub blocks, stood where the store stock sold
Old and poor and near death's door – they were breeders we were told.

Beneath the shady cedar trees well sheltered from the heat
The kelpies worked and never shirked, as they raced on nimble feet
They wheeled a mob of woolies and heeled them on the sly
Young Brandy yapped while Whisky snapped as the time was passing by.

Still the stock kept pouring in and thicker grew the dust
Not here and there, but everywhere men worked because they must
Came the long awaited cry, Sale Oh, Sale Oh, Sale Oh
Then agents glanced with eyes that danced at the buyers down below.

We have a yard of cattle the best you've ever seen
The buyers sneered and then they jeered, the bidding soon grew keen.
For pens of prime fat cattle the buyers had no fears
To say good day was one sure way to buy back your pen of steers.

But when they saw the brindles they laughed and turned away
Half fed, ill bred and nearly dead was just what I heard them say.
Now over at the sheep yards the jumpbucks were a treat
Men felt lambs' tails across the rails they were judges of good meat.

They looked the whole yard over then settled down to buy
By hook or crook they filled their book and the prices soared sky high.
Of all the sheep and cattle, the only pen unsold
Was old and poor so near death's door they lay down and died I'm told.