On the street where we live

© Evan Elpus

( Melody; 'On the street where you live' from 'My fair lady')

If there's Commodores racing up and down
While a teenage mother watches in her dressing gown
And if this mayhem
Starts at 3am,
Then you're right on the street where we live.

On the highest point, so that all may see
There's a balustrade-encrusted new monostrosity
Built by fruit and veg
Or, as some allege
What they smoke on the street where we live

And, oh! the cowering feeling
When the lights go out in a fog
The overpowering feeling
That what you trod in was extruded by a dog.....

When you throw a rock at the craniums
Of the neighbour's dogs who crap in your geraniums,
They will go flat-chat
On the welcome mat
At your door on the street where we live

When the man next door promulgates his views,
You will learn the world is run by greenies, gays and Jews,
Watch him blow a fuse at our barbecues,
On weekends on the street where we live

There's a forest site crossed by sparkling streams,
Where the morning light comes slanting down in glancing beams,
With the haunting song of the currawong,
----but it's not on the street where we live!