© Evan Elpus

( Melody; " My favourite things" from " Sound of music")

Piddle-in stubbies and discarded nose-wipes,
Coke-bottle bongs made from Blu-tak and hose-pipes,
Empty Jim Beam cans that land with a 'ching',
Our street is full of these favourite things.

Contents of gloveboxes, footwells and ashtrays,
Things from dark corners where most of the hash lays,
These get thrown out on the way to the tip
Most of it falls upon our nature strip.

Little surprises that greet you as dawn breaks,
Vic. Bitter litter glimpsed over the corn flakes,
Street-roamin' homies were out overnight,
They've taken your mailbox and set it alight....

Werribee Sewage Farm; riches unspoken.
Such is the volume that shovels get broken!
Knee-deep in solids with methane-rich air,
Let's put our crap-happy litterers there......