Five Hectare Christmas Carol

© Evan Elpus 2006


( Melody: "O Tannenbaum")

O cypress tree, o cypress tree,
You fence our principality
Out front and down the gravel drive
There's not a native thing alive
O cypress tree, it's as we planned,
We've turned the bush to Legoland.

O cypress tree, o cypress tree,
You tidy our locality,
From dreary gum and clunky rock,
You stand out like a dunny block,
O cypress tree, make hill and dell
Like Balwyn North and Camberwell.

O cypresss tree, o cypress tree,
Here's what you symbolise for me:
The midweek hunt, the Cherokee,
Our yearly stay in Tuscany,
All arti-fic-ial-ity
And paid for by accountancy.