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©Dudley C. Pye AM JP



Whispering Moments

©Dudley C. Pye AM JP

Take a moment to reflect upon,
The place it all began,
Those who landed on that distant shore,
And left their footsteps in the sand.

They scaled the cliffs that fateful day,
Heroes, every mother's son,
They were named the ANZACS,
And the legend forges on.

In the wars fought ever since,
The result was still the same,
Sadly, many lives were lost,
They were the gamest of the game.

When you gather round the flag,
Underneath the Aussie sky,
They only ask that you remember them,
And they ask you not to cry.

Perhaps you can hear them whisper,
From their special place above,
They don't regret their sacrifice,
For the country that, they loved.

So! Rest in peace, we'll not forget,
Every woman and every man,
We will listen for your whispers,
And look for footsteps in the sand.