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©Dudley C. Pye AM JP




©Dudley C. Pye AM JP

At dawn the mournful bugle sounds,
For it's Anzac time of year,
We bow our heads and mourn the ones,
That can't be with us here.

Remember those who went away,
To battle foreign shores,
They fought for peace for one and all,
Their names live for evermore.

They ask not for hero worship,
Though it's heroes they all are,
They ask that all should live in peace,
For wars leave only scars,

They will all look down on Anzac Day,
At those gathered round this land,
They will stand erect and tap their feet,
To the stirring pipers band!

They will recognise their old mates,
Note their stride is getting short,
Mates will cast their eyes to skyward,
Say, "We're thinking of you, sport!"

They spend their time at rest now,
Under hallowed ground they lie,
In the hearts of all Australians,
They will never ever die!