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This moving tribute by one of our favourite contributors was written for a Vietnam Veteran's widow and is a tribute to soldiers' wives.

©Dudley C. Pye AM JP




©Dudley C. Pye AM JP

Well known the long- term soldier,
In the Army, that's his life,
But the shadow of his limelight,
Shades the long- term soldier's wife.

She constantly farewells him,
To each new warlike storm,
She often sees the back view,
Of, the "Can't see me" uniform.

Holding back her salty tears,
The way she only can arrange,
Ponders the manner he may return,
From this two way rifle range.

For she has done this many times,
In her years of married life,
Now for months, the lonely role,
Of the long- term soldier's wife!

The children didn't come today,
It's now become a chore,
Now prefer to go to school,
Than see daddy go to war.

She'll pay the bills, mow the lawn,
Make sure kids are clothed and fed,
Nightly strokes the linen void,
Beside her now in bed!

Always there to meet him,
As he steps down from the plane,
Same old stirring of emotion,
Means she can love him once again.

On bad nights she will soothe him,
From the flashbacks of his life,
Knows how to read the signals,
Of the very first sign of strife!

She takes it all and casts aside,
The many who seek to scorn,
The fondest love for the soldier man,
In the "Can't see me" uniform.

When at last his time is over,
Settled now to normal life,
Don't forget who stood behind him,
The long- term soldier's wife

For you are oft forgotten,
For isn't that the norm,
Women that stood behind the man,
In the "Can't see me" uniform!