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Over the years , John Laws Derryn Hinch and 'Australia All Over' have read out Bill's poems and other ABC shows like John Reid's Poets Corner have published many.

Bill Dettmer has written other works related to bushfires in Victoria. See our poetry section in the contents.



a flame leaps

I sing to the son who’s about to fight, sing out to the daughter about to run.
We sing with the children who stand afraid of the demon fierce that blocks the sun.
Strength to the tired and battle weary laid by the edge of the vast expanse;
Gathered together to beat the demon, crying alone as flames advance.
Tears that run from weeping eyes. Water trickles as gums explode.
Big red trucks and old grey men rattling down a country road
I sing with you and you with me, we join together to stem the tide.
As once again the country burns. While men and women, side by side,
beat back the flames that threaten now to take the home and all within.
The roar from hell’s inferno all around us while we sing.
I sing with you and you with me we stand together, scared but proud.
It will not beat us, you and I. sing with me, sing out loud.

© W. J. Dettmer