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THEME: People

Ebb Wren
Ella Zuila - Heroine of the Highwire
Gary Shearston [an interview]
Honouring Indigenous War Graves: Sapper John Fitzgerald 8275 - Donna Bradley
Hunting Down the Old Bush Songs - The Role of David Scott Mitchell
In Memory of Joe and Mary [+ audio/ lyrics]
Mr Eternity: Arthur Stace [+ audio/ lyrics]
Ludwig Leichhardt - Above the Ordinary[+ audio/ lyrics]
Miss Carey's Little Park [+ audio/ lyrics]
Neta Davis: Deua River Woman
Phil Garland - Kiwi Balladeer [interview]
Profile: Warren Fahey
Remembering Private Shirley
Strangers on the Shore [A Lost French Soldier + Two Lost German Aviators]
Tina Lawton
Rev John McGarvie and the Exile of Erin
The Blind Traveller [+ audio]
The Further I Travel(Robert OHara Burke)[+ audio/ lyrics]
There's a Fire!(Jean O'Gradey)[+ audio/ oral history recording]
When I Made History (David Low, cartoonist)