Other FAQs

How do I submit something to the site?
See our Submissions guidelines. We consider most things as long as there is an Australian theme.

How do I find out when something new has been added to the site?

There are a few ways:

I have something to say about an item on Simply Australia. What do I do?
We love receiving your emails and ideas. You can email us at: thefolk@simplyaustralia.net

I can’t hear the music. What can I do?
Our music player appears on a number of pages throughout the site, often in the right hand menu. It uses the free Adobe Flash Player to view it. Most computers already have it installed (The Macromedia Flash Player is installed on 98% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide and on a wide range of popular devices.).

If you can't see our player then you probably are one of the 2% who don't have flash installed. Easily fixed! You can download it here. If you are still having trouble it might be an idea to read the faqs for the player to check your system requirements. It has a wide application and works on both Windows and Mac computers.