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A. L. Lloyd and Australian Folk Revival Singing Style
Ebb Wren
Gary Shearston: The Best of All Trades - review
Hunting Down the Old Bush Songs - The Role of David Scott Mitchell
Shipwreck Broadsides
Inheritors of a Dream - New Zealand music heritage
Rev John McGarvie and the Exile of Erin
The Dream of Bill Case [+audio]
The Game is Getting Lively! - three pieces on Ben Hall
The Irish Are Not Celts According to Bob Quinn
The Waterwitch - some thoughts on a Tasmanian whaling song
Tina Lawton
When I Was Young and Had No Sense
Who Is Sally Sloane?

video and lyrics

There is a Green Hill

audio and lyrics

Battle of the Somme
In Memory of Joe and Mary
Dreaming With Open Eyes
Luna Park
Mr Eternity
At Pennyweight Flat
The Fields of Eldorado
There's a Fire!
They Don't Have Time
Old Thylacine
On Eugowra Station
The Further I Travel
The Wattle Song
Exile of Erin on the Plains of Emu

words and music

A Long Time Ago - NZ
Down a Country Road - NZ
Star Hotel - NZ
The Shearing's Coming Round - NZ
Hunger in the Air - NZ

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