There's a Fire!
written and sung by Jim Low


Fire over Valley Heights way
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There's a Fire!

© Jim Low


There's a grey black smoke column
Rising over Valley Heights' way
A warning on this heat-oppressed day.

And the birds and the animals
Now they are standing still
It's eerie on this heat oppressed day.

Around late afternoon
The fire starts its run
Moving fast
Spurred on by the wind that has begun

For there's a fire and it's coming
Racing up the ridges through the trees
There's no time to think, you just act on instinct
There's a killer and it's trying to be free
There's a killer and it's after you and me.

Animals are rounded up
And brought close to the home
In readiness
No need for them to face this fire alone

It roars its way through the bush
The gum trees scream their plight
Pathetic cries
Unnerving in the smoky bushland light

The bush explodes all around
And leaves burst from the trees
Balls of fire
There is no time to think,"When will it ease?"

And just as quickly it races past
And leaves your troubled mind
How this killer left some life behind.

© Jim Low