There's a Fire!
written and sung by Jim Low


Dreaming With Open Eyes

© Jim Low

In early 1843 while exploring the country between the Hunter River and the Wollombi Range, Leichhardt made the following entry in his diary:

“I descended to my hollow tree, wrapt myself in my blanket, and watched Orion and Sirius gliding slowly through the foliage of the blackbutt … I felt myself exceedingly happy, dreamt with open eyes, till the eyelids became heavy and the head sank to the saddle which formed my pillow.”


This quietly spoken gentleman of science
Short of sight but with a vision grand
Eager to seek out this country’s heart beat
Travelling forever in this land.

Drawn by all those empty spaces on maps
He skirts the myall and the brigalow
Baptising the country with his friends’ names
From the land he learns all there’s to know.

Tonight he’s watching
Watching southern skies
And dreaming, dreaming
With open eyes.

Exploring out there and protected by faith
In a God who destines him to roam
And his journey’s end may never be reached
For once you start, there’s no turning home.

Way up in the sky, beyond the blackbutt
Sirius and Orion glide slowly by
While down below he listens in the darkness
Soon to disappear and mystify.

© Jim Low