C olonial

THEME: History

Colonial Australian

Ebenezer: The Mission on a Limestone Ridge
[also song/lyrics]
The Spent Dollar

Early Australian

1815 [poetry]
First Arrivals [poetry]
Settlers on the Castlereagh
The Day We Went to Bunnamagoo
The Very First [poetry]

(also see Environment)

Ash Wednesday [poetry]



Darwin's account of his time in Australia
Dead Ends
In the Steps of Charles Darwin
Ludwig Leichhardt - Above the Ordinary [also song/lyrics]
The Further I Travel [also song/lyrics]
The Lost Leichhardt [poetry]



Pennyweight Flat [also song/lyrics]


At Stringybark Creek
Mansfield Moments [+ audio] - about the Kelly Gang + the 3 Mansfield constables
The Game is Getting Lively! - three pieces on Ben Hall
The Eugowra Gold Escort Robbery



The Loch Ard [also song/lyrics]
Shipwreck Broadsides
The Stained Glass Detective - the Dunbar
The Wreck of the Royal Charter



Eldorado Mining Disaster [also song/lyrics]



Tragedy at the Weatherboard


Working Life

Extracting Eucalyptus Oil
Eldorado Mining Disaster [also song/lyrics]