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Whaling has played such an important part in the social and economic life of Australia and New Zealand but the number of whaling songs with specific Australasian associations is few. The Waterwitch is one such song.

A L Lloyd
Graeme Smith looks at male vocal style in Australian revival performance.

Sally Sloane has an important place in the history of traditional music in Australia.

Eugowra Rock
75 years ago in September, the last of the known Tasmanian Tigers (also known as thylacines) died in captivity in a zoo in Hobart.

Eugowra Rock
The Eugowra Gold Escort Robbery
On Sunday afternoon, 15 June, 1862, Frank Gardiner and his gang, which included John Gilbert and Ben Hall, ambushed and robbed the gold escort which was travelling from the Forbes goldfields.

Shiralee Pub
The Shiralee
In 1957 the film The Shiralee was released in Australia. The film has become an important part of one town's history.

Pennyweight Flat
This moving goldfields cemetery occupies about an acre of land on the outskirts of Castlemaine in Central Victoria. It is often referred to as "God's Acre".




Australia has a rich heritage and this is reflected in its folklore, its oral and social history as well as its music and song, both traditional and contemporary. Simply Australia was started with this in mind.


Simply Australia has been online now since October 2001. We have been through a number of improvements in design and our readership has steadily grown.


In March 2006 we had a major shift in presentation, changing from a static magazine style site to what you see here. We wanted to make the site more interractive, giving our readers the opportunity to comment on individual items on the site and to contribute, through the comments, their own thoughts and ideas on each subject.


February 2009 saw another change - the removal of the old Vault which housed all our archived issues (numbers 1-11). The articles, songs, poems and reviews are progressively being sorted into themes and being added to the new menu above.We expect this will be a great bonus for the many educational groups that visit the site.


We hope the new look is easy to navigate. We think it is! Everything on the site can be accessed from the above menu and the column on the right shows the latest additions.


The SEARCH engine is at the bottom of each page. Newly added works may take a short while to be included in the engine.


Finally, as we said in our very first issue - we are very excited at the potential of this "new" online venture. We hope you will drop by frequently and we would appreciate your comments and suggestions. It would be great if you could tell your friends about Simply Australia too.

Good reading, happy listening and enjoy, from the team at Simply Australia


The wattles are back in abundance. Although the wattle can apparently bloom at any time of the year, its blossoms are usually associated with the coming of spring.

The subtle, unique fragrance of the wattle blossom definitely invigorates the soul.
The golden wattle is Australia's national floral emblem. The many different varieties of wattle have inspired many a poet to wax lyrical. In John Mathew's 1902 collection of poems entitled Australian Echoes, he included a poem on the wattle. For him, their springtime arrival inspired not only hope and happiness but brought a welcome beauty to the landscape.

"Thy downy pellets bursting out
Begirt with filigree,
With golden velvet wrap about
And glorify the tree"

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Boomerangs and Crackajacks

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